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A common use of PET blister piece

by:SYJ     2020-11-03

life we often can see some of the products is made of PET blister for packaging, this kind of blister sheet is mainly used for packaging products, such as toys, hardware, food and drug administration and many other blister packaging machine using heat and pressure by mold, forming cavity or pocket from a roll or plastic. In recent years, the improvement of cold forming, especially in the forming process to allow more depth of steep Angle, thus the most big limit reduced the number of each cavity of the material, thus help to improve the technology. Type plastic blister packaging's main advantage is that its more compact compared to the size of the cold forming of aluminum and its transparency to see products.

of PET blister packaging general have many applications on medicine and medical equipment, the most common is to use on tablets, capsules or tablets doses of packaging. Blister packaging can provide barrier protection for shelf life requirements, and provide a certain degree of tamper proof. In some countries, blister packing is mainly used for drug samples of doctor or pharmacy otc products ( OTC) 。 Blister packing is the main type in some other countries, because the chemist and the packaging is not common.

PET blister piece and is non-toxic, health, reliable performance, and y rays on the advantages of its packaging items for disinfection, so combining the characteristics of PET blister tablets and take reasonable use of PET blister piece, thereby greatly 'the purpose of the life of the product on the packaging.

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