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Analysis of pet protective film for mobile phone

by:SYJ     2021-07-13

Mobile phone pet protective film membrane structure engineering is generally three-layer PET protective film: a release film + a PET protective film + a release film, only the PET protective film in the middle is considered necessary The release film attached to the phone screen is to prevent the PET film from getting dusty and to maintain the PET film roll. The two-layer PET film is missing a layer of release film.

Toughened glass film is generally composed of 4 layers, the first layer is a unique coating; the second layer is tempered glass; the third layer is an explosion-proof film; the fourth layer is a silicone coating.

Whether it is a plastic film or a tempered glass film, the innermost layer is all silicone coating. This is the important part of how the film is absorbed onto the display. The advantage of the tempered glass film is that it has a strong effect of fully automatic suction and exhaust bubbles. Even beginners who have never put a mobile phone protective film can easily stick the glass by themselves.

Transmittance, abrasion resistance, adsorption force, and cutting edge processing technology are the four key quality index values u200bu200bof mobile phone pet protective film, among which the wear resistance and adsorption force of the screen protective film are harmful to the screen The two key elements of the protective film's service life are damaged, warped edges, and bubbles are the key reasons for the customer to remove and replace the screen protective film.

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