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APET sheet advantage performance in four aspects, together and see it!

by:SYJ     2020-10-22

everybody for APET sheet of this product is not very understanding, because now we live in is listed in common use such as PET sheet, PVC sheet, PET sheet products, such as the material utilization rate is relatively high, therefore everybody to APET sheet is not very understanding, so the following plastic co. , LTD. Yangzhou simple introduce them to you, hope you can know more about this product.

APET sheet is characterized by:

a, APET sheet folding resistance is better, won't appear similar PVC PET film roll the crease of the crack. More suitable in a file such as surface decoration.

2, the proportion of APET sheet is lighter, the proportion of PET is 1. 33, want to compare with the proportion of PVC low 3. The proportion of 7%, PVC is 1. 38.

3, APET sheet strength is higher, the strength of the PET film roll PVC film strength, compared to 20% or even more, APET sheet resistance of the low temperature impact more good, it is tolerated 40 ℃ below zero, and is not brittle, so we tend to use thin film to replace PVC by 10%.

4, PET film roll transparency is higher, and PVC film slant blue, gloss is better than the PVC film, it is suitable for more exquisite packaging.

APET sheet made of the products, no pollution, no crystal point, and high transparency, degree of finish is better, APET sheet of shock resistance, are widely used in the blister, folding boxes, cylinder and so on some beautiful packaging or all kinds of printing window on a chip, can also according to customer requirements to produce all sorts of color film. This product can be widely used in life.

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