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Blue pet silicone protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-16

With the popularity of the mobile phone film industry, protective film has become a very important industry in a new era. PET protective film is used in both mobile phone screens and shells. Among them, pet silicone protective film is particularly widely used in the field of mobile phones. However, silicone protection is divided into blue silicone protection film and transparent silicone protection film. Today I will mainly talk about the blue pet silicone protection film!

The blue pet protective film is mainly made of blue polyester film. The color of the product is easy to identify. It is a common protective film in life. Its thickness is generally Between 50um-200um, the viscosity also has low viscosity, medium viscosity and high viscosity. It is mainly anti-wear, scratch-proof and dust-proof. It has good high temperature resistance and no glue residue adhesion. Good scratch resistance and high gloss. Good stiffness and weather resistance (high temperature/high humidity/solvent and other characteristics.

Mainly used in the manufacturing process and shipment protection of electronic product glass lenses, liquid crystal glass panels, display windows, mobile phone lenses, high-gloss injection molded parts, touch screen modules and other components.

The above is about the blue silicone protective film Some brief introductions!

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