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Characteristics of anti-static protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-15

The antistatic protective film must have antistatic properties, so how is the actual antistatic defined?

In everyone’s usual production, most of the protective films produced do not need to be tested for antistatic, but most of the protective films applied on electronic equipment must have antistatic properties to prevent the entire process of application The damage caused to the commodity in the medium caused the abnormal production to cause great loss to the enterprise. Then the anti-static protective film must pay attention to this problem in the whole process of application and production:

1. The anti-static protective film must be inspected before it is delivered to the warehouse to ensure that the protective film is anti-static The value ranges from 106 to 109.

2. After the original film is dispensed, use the electrostatic induction testing tool to carry out the inspection again

3. Ensure that the anti-static protective film is clean and tidy.

4. Ensure the stickiness of the anti-static protective film in the whole production process

Anti-static objects can be seen everywhere in the whole process of electronic equipment production, so the anti-static protective film is also increasing It is becoming more and more indispensable.

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