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Characteristics of biaxial stretching of PET film for high temperature resistant tape

by:SYJ     2021-07-13

There are many methods for forming and processing PET films for high-temperature adhesive tapes, such as calendering, casting, blow molding, and stretching. The stretch film method is divided into two types: two-way stretching and one-way stretching. This is because in the production process of the PET film for high-temperature adhesive tape, the processed polymer has a certain degree of stretch orientation under the action of heat and tension, so that the molecules or molecular chains are arranged in an orderly manner. The properties of the stretched PET film roll for high temperature resistant tape are improved. Specifically, the PET film for high temperature resistant tape produced by the stretching method has the following characteristics: (1) The tensile strength and elastic modulus of the film are significantly increased. Its tensile strength is 3 to 5 times that of unstretched film;

(2) The optical properties are improved, such as the gloss and transparency of the stretched film;

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(3) The barrier performance has been improved, due to the orderly arrangement of macromolecules, the gas transmission rate is reduced;

(4) Heat and cold resistance are improved;

(5) The thickness uniformity and dimensional stability are obviously improved;

(6) The production speed is fast, the productivity is large, and the efficiency is high.

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