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Classification and application of pet protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-14

The classification and application of protective film products, please follow the pet protective film to learn about it! .

(1) Traditional protective film: such as galvanized steel plate protective film, color coated steel plate protective film, glass or plastic plate protective film, etc. Most of this traditional protective film belongs to the application category of low added value, with low performance standards and crystal points, and most of them are coated protective films.

(2) Protective film for electronics industry: such as dry film protective film (dry film) or wafer milling process. This type of protective film is generally produced in a clean room, and the standards for crystal points are very strict. Protective film manufacturers have sufficient technical capabilities to fully meet this standard.

(3) Flat panel display protective film: application areas include touch screens, TFT-LCD control modules, backlight modules, glass substrates and their polarizers, color filters and other optoelectronic devices, such protective films The control standard for viscosity and crystal point is very high, which belongs to the use of high-efficiency and high-tech threshold.

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