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Collection of various screen protectors

by:SYJ     2021-07-18

Nowadays, with the development of smart electronic products, the packaging industry is also developing rapidly, and it is dazzling to keep up with the variety of protective films. Now let me briefly introduce what screen protectors are available~

1. PE protective film: polyethylene, commonly used in the field of protective film, its main characteristics are: low price, soft, Good malleability and zero environmental pollution. Generally, such products are tested in accordance with the EU's ROHS environmental pollution test.

2. PVC protective film: polyvinyl chloride, its characteristics are: good flexibility, good weather resistance (SPVC); defect: not environmentally friendly, so very few of many international brands Goods made of this material are useful. This kind of product generally uses more anti-static protection, and there is also a wooden speaker surface.

3. PET protective film: polyester, its main features: good weather resistance, can withstand high temperature of 100-150 degrees, good hardness, flat; defect: can not be used on products with angles or corners . Generally, die-cutting is used.

4. PP protective film: PP scientific name is polypropylene, which is formed by polymerization of propylene. PP protective film is made of BOPP (Double Stretched Polypropylene Film) as the base material and coated with acrylic glue on one side.

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