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Common abnormal phenomena caused by optical pu protective film in die-cutting processing

by:SYJ     2021-07-14

Common abnormal phenomena caused by optical pu protective film in die-cutting processing

1. Dust

Die-cutting equipment has insufficient precision, improper technology, etc., and the chemical molecular structure of PU glue is stuck between molecules It is relatively close and excludes other chemical molecules, so it is easy to be lost by the gravity of foreign objects. Improve die-cutting process and equipment with PE film and anilox film to avoid dust

2. Fogging

Due to improper die-cutting, or aging of mold auxiliary materials, the protective film adhesive during die-cutting The layer is damaged, and the surrounding area fogs up irregularly after bonding.

3. Dirty

Coated with PE film and anilox film to avoid and reduce dirt

Common abnormal phenomena in application


1. Dust

Workshop environment during fitting

The vents in the operation room are dirty with dust.

Die cutting There is dust in the surrounding area.

Falling onto the touch screen

Because of the stickiness of the glue after bonding

The dust on the touch screen is not easy to clean

2. Short circuit

The static electricity on the sensor surface is too large, and the antistatic protective film is not used, and friction occurs when the protective film is peeled off, which leads to abnormal or short circuit on the sensor surface

3. Incompatible

There are many manufacturers of PU protective film on the market, but there are still few high-quality products with stable quality. With the continuous development of touch screens, the main materials of the touch screens are constantly improved and updated, so the requirements for auxiliary materials are getting higher and higher.

Nowadays, PU protective film is the object of use-TP factory, the most fancy PU protective film in two aspects:

1. The quality is quite stable;

2. Material manufacturers who have the ability to solve problems encountered with product abnormalities.

For powerful PU protective film manufacturers, the core research and development direction of the product is not only the product itself, but also based on the development of touch screens and the continuous update of materials, so that continuous improvement and innovation can achieve product quality. Long-term stability.

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