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Common PET protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-21

As for the protective film, everyone should be familiar with it, because it has penetrated into our daily life, and it is also used a lot in electronic products. The editor will introduce several commonly used pet protective films.

PET antistatic PU protective film, which is a kind of PET protective film, is based on ordinary PET protective film, the base material is changed to polyester film with antistatic treatment, and then It is formed by coating pu adhesive and anti-static treatment layer on top, and then laminating release film. Therefore, it is also a protective material, and it also has the functions of preventing dust and impurities, and preventing static electricity from damaging the circuit board.

Pet silica gel protective film, its application range is not so extensive, mainly for glass surfaces, and some high-gloss product surfaces. Its high temperature and low temperature resistance are better than acrylic protective film. Therefore, the price is higher.

Pet hardened silicone protective film, this protective film is generally used in mobile phone screens, tablet computer screens, car central control displays, etc., because the surface of the substrate is coated with a hard coating, which makes Its anti-scratch effect is better than many ordinary pet protective films, so it is more used on touch screens.

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