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Degumming of the protective film and its solution

by:SYJ     2021-07-16

I believe that the protective film material is a common material in die-cutting operations, and many masters also know it well, but in the process of use, the protective film often encounters degumming and residual glue. Today, I will make it simple Analyze the reasons and solutions for the degumming and residual glue of the protective film.

During the use of the protective film, since the film cannot be selected professionally, it is easy to cause residual glue and degumming of the protective film.

After the protective film is used, the peeled off protective film will be degummed and left on the profile product. There are many possibilities for this problem, among which the larger possibility is the use of protective film products. The pressure glue does not meet the requirements, that is, it is too sticky, which causes the external tension of the protective film product to be greater than the internal stress when it is peeled off, and it remains on the object.

Solution: If the user has this kind of problem, you can use a clean rag to dip a little alcohol and repeatedly wipe the remaining glue until the glue is wiped clean, but you need to pay attention to the wipe Do not use too much force at this time, otherwise it may affect the finish of the backing product.

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