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Description of difficulties in pet protective film coating and filtration

by:SYJ     2021-07-17

Pet protective film manufacturers indicate: Coating is a processing method of coating industrial coatings (polymer materials) on paper, cloth, and plastic films to make polymer materials (films). The application is extremely wide, the upper, middle and lower reaches include electronic components, printing and packaging, vehicles, aerospace and many other fields.

Combined with the characteristics of polymer materials, the coating processing technology has been widely used in various fields of food and daily life for everyone. For example, the coating of optical film with strong optical permeability can be Used in the entire process of production and processing of solar power station operation panels and mobile phone computer screens. Take the iPhone as an example of industrial production design products. It is usually surrounded by many fans. The extraordinary screen is undoubtedly a major reason. To master a piece of general tempered glass is unlikely to perform many functions such as touch screen display, anti-dropping and transparency of the screen.

The iPhone’s screen is made up of two layers of functional films. It is also because the first layer (as shown in the figure below) is coated with an optical film made of diffuse reflection light, so that customers can be exposed to strong light Still have a good feeling.

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