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Difficult problems of Pet protective film in the whole process of application

by:SYJ     2021-07-21

PET protective film is the most common protective film on the market at this stage. It has a relatively hard material and is more scratch-resistant.

And long-term application will not turn yellow and oily characteristics like PVC materials, so it is widely used in electronic products, cars, mobile phones and other industries.

1. After the PET protective film is applied for a period of time, both sides are pilling. The key reason for this phenomenon is that the elongation of the protective film and the maintenance aluminum profile is large during the whole process of bonding. In the high-temperature natural environment, the phenomenon of redundant pulls appears. This problem mostly occurs in the products of customers in southern China. Therefore, the temperature difference in the natural environment during the processing of PET protective film will endanger the application of the product

2 , The peeling of PET protective film is difficult, the protective film cannot be peeled off reasonably at the end of the installation of aluminum profile products, and the adhesive used in the protective film product is not a special type of protective film. There are two probabilities. If that is the case, the actual effect of sticking the protective film is of course very good, but it is very difficult to peel off and it is the most common problem for the protective film produced by illegal PET protective film commodity manufacturers. Another possibility is that the material used by the main body of the protective film is soft and cannot bear the tensile force during peeling, and the phenomenon of rupture occurs during peeling, which is very troublesome for the user.

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