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Do you know the characteristics of PET acrylic protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-16

The processing material of the acrylic protective film is processed with a relatively unique pet protective film material, using acrylic acid as the adhesive, and then processed with a relatively unique modifier. The processed product has relatively good flexibility and viscosity. Different materials can be selected on the surface of different specifications and models. The high temperature resistance of the product is actually a more widely discussed concept. The product is in production. The process of making it can also be applied to waste protection media, mainly for everyone to explain which features the product has!

1. We have a good anti-aging effect when we apply this product.

2. When the product is applied outside, it can avoid ultraviolet radiation for several months.

3. It is easy to tear off and stick during application, and there will be no residual glue after the product is peeled off.

4. Good products often protect the surface of different products from being damaged, so that it can prevent damage during production and the expensive maintenance costs of refurbishing the interior.

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