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Does your phone have a screen protector

by:SYJ     2021-07-19

First, let’s take a look at the benefits of the film:

1, prevent the screen from being scratched by hard objects

2, prevent the LCD screen from aging, and extend the life of the LCD screen


3, to prevent the keyboard and screen from rubbing and damaging the screen when the laptop is closed

4, the screen is dust-proof, easy to clean the screen, the surface of the LCD film has been hardened, not only the surface dust is easy to remove , And frequent wiping will not scratch the LCD film

But some netizens will respond to some questions:

1. The protective film will be stuck on the surface of the screen and there will be residual glue.


2. There are air bubbles in some areas of the screen surface when applying the film.

These problems may be caused by these:

The residual glue may be because the protective film has passed the six-month shelf life. The performance is unstable or the chemical reaction between the silicone glue and the glass screen leads to residual glue. There are bubbles because the exhaust speed is relatively slow, you can choose a faster exhaust speed is the mobile phone protective film. As for whether or not to stick a protective film on the phone, I think it all depends on personal preference~

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