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Excellent characteristics of PET silicone protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-20

1. Super clean

Coating in the clean room (dust/liter) clean room safe operation room, suspended drying in the thousand-level clean room safe operation room.

2. The precise release force control of the fluorine release film manufacturer

The ionization gravure technology allows us to accurately control the release force of the release film, and we are used to the product at this stage There are 5 levels of peel strength, such as extremely light, light, medium, heavy, and extremely heavy, which can meet your different requirements for release force in die-cutting processing, so that your production and processing are diligent and thrifty. through. In addition, we can also customize products with the peel strength you require according to your different requirements.

3. Anti-humidity

Especially in the humid production area in the south of my country, it is prominent

4. Anti-silicone oil shedding

The unique ionization gravure technology promotes the stronger adsorption of silicone oil. When the tape is uncovered from the release film, it will not take away the silicone oil, thus making it cleaner

. It is common on the lens protective film.

5, anti-static

6, non-slip

The shape of the release film is non-slip, which can make the processed products easy to package and apply.

7, a variety of thicknesses

Different thicknesses are used to meet the different requirements of production and processing technology applications

8, a variety of colors

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