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Factors that affect the service life of the PE sheet

by:SYJ     2020-10-18

PET sheet is a kind of high crystallinity, nonpolar thermoplastic resin, used in the actual operation process has excellent resistance to most of the characteristics of life and industrial chemicals. So this kind of product in the process of production the product contains what place?

1, LDPE, low density polyethylene, blister the main component of PET plate with monomers polyethylene non-toxic, flammable, the characteristics of easy oxidation, not bibulous, conductive performance is good, good insulation, commonly used for wire and cable, plastic film, soft plastic.

2, ZnSt, zinc stearate, metal soap lubricants, polyolefins plastics with stearic acid salts lubricant, because it is accessible raw materials, low cost, non-toxic, non-polluting, etc. In general, the zinc content in zinc stearate decided to lubricant can be very good dispersion in the plastic, the more pure, the saturation of zinc stearate, the heat resistance, are more easily distracted.

3, HDPE, high density polyethylene, has the similar performance and low density polyethylene resin.

4, AC foaming agent: azobisformamide, foaming agent, foaming effect is determined by gas evolution, AC foaming agent, stable performance, green environmental protection raw material price is cheap, widely used in a variety of polyolefin products such as slippers, leather, sound insulation materials, etc. Decomposition of AC foaming agent need to high temperature, and high temperature can cause the plastic degradation, affect the product performance.

5, DCP: dicumyl peroxide, crosslinking agent, polyolefins polymerization initiator, DCP can make rubber plastic structure change, make PE board more resistant to high temperature, wear resistance, resistance to oxidation.

6, CaCO3: the most commonly used plastic filling material, has the points of light calcium and coarse whiting, light calcium competitive development is rapid, but light calcium for your enterprise are agglomerations of direct application is very difficult to disperse in plastic products.

any product equipment in use are there have some factors can influence equipment, PET sheet of this product in the use of natural, too. Then let small make up for all analysis about can affect the service life of the product sheet.

1, PET sheet material is strictly prohibited direct impact, PET sheet do warehouse plate with various material hardness of particles, and may not arbitrarily change material flow, if need to change, shall not be greater than 12% of the original design ability changed material or flow will affect the service life of PET sheet. PET sheet using the environment temperature, should be in commonly - 26 - - Between 80 ℃ and not beyond. Shall not use force to destroy the structure and random loose fasteners.

2, purchasing PET board, the quality is good, the easiest way is to use the color of PET sheet for distinguish, good quality nylon board, appearance looks usually will appear milky white to light yellow color, the appearance of the PE sheet is also the first to enter all the line of sight.

PET plate non-toxic, odourless, feel like wax, has good low temperature resistance, chemical stability is good, most alkali erosion ( No acid) with characteristics of oxidation resistant Insoluble in common solvent, room temperature. Believe that these factors about sheet affect the service life of the people have all understand, hope these can help you better operation panel.

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