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Features and features of Pet silicone protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-19

Pet silicone protective film is a protective film made of pet as a sheet and a layer of silicone superglue applied to the surface. The key is to maintain some leveling of the surface. It is generally used The protective film that maintains the display of electronic equipment has the characteristics of high-precision extrusion molding sizing, easy cutting and punching, and peeling without glue stains.

Characteristic functions of PET silicone protective film:

1. Ultra-clean

Adjust the glue in the middle of the clean room work of the thousand grade (dust/liter), Suspended and blown dry in the middle of the hundred-level clean room work

2. Precise release force control

The professional ability of positive ion gravure allows us to accurately control the release force of the release film, which can be from 7G/ 50mm to 1400G/50mm. Nowadays, conventional products have five release force levels: extra light, light, upper medium, medium heavy, and extremely medium heavy. You can consider your release force in die-cutting. The different requirements make your production frugal and feasible. In addition, the pet silicone protective film manufacturer can also customize products with the release force you require for your different requirements.

3. Resistance to damp and cold

Especially in the damp and cold manufacturing geographic environment of China's coastal areas, it has an outstanding performance.

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