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Features of PET double-sided tape

by:SYJ     2021-07-21

Perseverance is not easy to break: slightly elastic, not easy to tear; strong transparency: the glue is transparent, still can maintain a stable bonding effect; tightly wound, a wide range of applications

1, PET double Strong surface adhesive force, heat resistance, high tensile strength, light quality, corrosion resistance, beautiful and high-end surface;

2. Heat distortion temperature and long-term application temperature are used in thermoplastic general engineering plastics In medium terms, it is still very high;

3. The temperature resistance of the PET double-sided tape is very high. The PET double-sided tape is pre-dipped in a solder wire bath at 250°C for 10s, and it is almost non-deformed. Discoloration is very suitable for electronic devices and household appliances parts that need to be soldered;

4. The bending strength of the PET double-sided tape can achieve 200MPa, the elastic mold can achieve 4000MPa, and the creep resistance The change and fatigue are also very good, and the surface strength is high, so the mechanical properties of the PET double-sided tape are very close to the thermosetting plastic;

5, because the production of PET uses ethylene glycol than the production The price of butylene glycol used in PBT is basically half the price. Therefore, the price of PET resin and improved PET is very cheap among engineering plastics, so the price-performance ratio is still very high. Therefore, the use of PET double-sided tape is still very common.

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