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Following a few big global plastics processing industry development trend

by:SYJ     2020-10-17

a few days ago, 2016 k pre-show conference exhibition, the German association of several big plastic collective appearance, in the roundtable discussion link in conference in the morning, German plastics processors association ( GKV) Executive director Dr OliverMollenstadt share over the past ten years the change of the plastic processing industry, and the drive power to the further development of plastic processing industry.

the global plastics processing industry development presents the following trends

a, emerging market share of ascending

in the past ten years, the global plastic processing industry has a characteristic, that is the change of production pattern. Emerging markets in Asia, especially China, significantly improve their sales accounted for in the world. One very important reason is that emerging Asia's capacity expansion, sharply over the same period the eu economy is more lack of energy. Different from the European Union, the United States, Japan and Germany basic maintain their share in the global competition. Due to the German plastics processing industry has a strong export-oriented, plastic processors, Germany has not been to a great extent the negative impact of other European countries.

in 2015, the German turnover was 59. 8 billion euros, plastic processing industry related enterprises 2853, employees 316000, thus, plastic processing industry has become an important support of the German economy. It mainly some medium-sized enterprises, they is characterized by a high level of innovation and diversification of products, plastic is processed into packaging products, building products, technology, components, semi-finished products, consumer goods and other products.

2, global economic growth and new applications to drive the plastic application growth

in the next few years, experts will continue to increase demand in the market for plastic products. On the one hand, the plastic processing industry will benefit from economic growth, on the other hand, plastics are also actively expand new applications, the development of composite materials are also on the agenda. Despite China's economic growth rate has dropped, but experts estimate that over the next decade Asia plastic processing industry will also maintain a 10% average annual growth rate, the figure than expected growth in Europe and America plastic processing industry is higher than 2% 3%.

in Germany, the market demand for plastic products and the development of key industries, such as automobile, food industry, construction industry, mechanical engineering and electronic industry, in terms of direct export to other countries in Europe, especially for the exports of the European region, technology of plastic products used in a lot of machinery and transport equipment export products such as parts of the core parts, packaging products and plastic packaging. German manufacturers of plastic products and other plastic products manufacturers outside of Europe, especially from Asia plastic manufacturers, with fierce competition in the last few years.

3, capacity expansion of the main plastic processing industry in Asia

in terms of the number of processing plastic products, China has overtaken the European Union to become the world's most important origin of plastic processing products. Compared with many countries of the European Union, China is far from affected by the global economic and financial crisis. Gradually strong growth in the field of industrial production, construction and private consumption contributed to the tremendous growth in the China plastics processing industry.

in the next few years, the global demand for plastic products will continue to grow. Clear plastic processing capacity expansion in the next few years will occur in Asia, followed by South America, due to the structure of the existing problems, the European and Japanese plastic processing capacity is expected to occur some growth. The result is the European Union and Japan are losing their production accounted for in the whole world, and other regions, especially emerging markets in Asia will benefit from the more rapid economic growth. Close to the customers nearby the trend of production to strengthen the development. In addition, the new plastic processing capacity will also occur in areas is helpful to obtain raw materials, such as the gulf.

what technology trends are changing plastic technology?

many technical trend determines the development of plastic industry, one of the most important technology trends are as follows:

1, lightweight, made of plastic and composite lightweight components and material savings products welcomed the rise in demand, among them, the plastic parts used in automobile and aircraft to reduce the impact on the environment.

2, resource efficiency: in many countries, the sustainable development of society is driving the development of circular economy, demands for plastics processors when designing products to consider the circular economy.

3, increased manufacturing: increase material manufacturing ( 3 d printing) In many fields as the supplement of the traditional plastic processing technology in the prototype manufacturing, mass production, spare parts supply, even a small batch manufacturing, flexible manufacturing is able to increase material production.

3, industrial digital: digitization in the development of modern plastic processing industry continued to deepen, with digital technology, plastic processing process more transparent, more flexible, production automation potential has been further enlarged.

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