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From PET away from the use of membrane to analyze its quality requirements

by:SYJ     2020-10-19

with the development of market needs, PET film roll and PET from type membrane there is an increasing demand in the industrial production. Domestic production of PET and PET mold film companies more and more, followed by market transparency. PET film roll here is not much said, after all, is not special use requirement, domestic technology basic satisfy the normal use, the quality gap is not big, here are about PET from type membrane.

believes that many procurement friends have asked many company unit price, the price of PET from type membrane often the price difference is very big, a lot of friends here are very strange. Actually point to from PET USES it to analyze from type membrane, common isolation with optical PET mold and mold membranes gap is very big. Actually PET from type membrane is essentially a kind of industrial materials, rarely end up on the product, the following are the main types of commonly used:

1. Labels and tape industry.

2。 Polymer material flow delay process loading applications, such as micro-electronic components.

3。 Photoelectric die-cutting stamping industry application.

4。 All kinds of laminated technology of multilayer printed circuit board industry application

5. Covering film and pure film production application

6. PCB/photo application

different from its process we can see that all kinds of situation of PET from type membrane quality requirements is different also, such as ordinary die-cutting rushed the requirements of the type of PET from type membrane thickness is uniform stripping force stability. Photovoltaic industry is on the basis of the stripping force more transparency temperature tolerance requirements, etc. And some of the polymer materials in temperature resistance as well as considering the resistance to chemical corrosion, the stability of the silicone oil, does not react with other chemical products, etc.

is the process from all walks of life, from type membrane PET quality requirements is different also. Normal PET from type membrane with normal PET film, photoelectric industry to use optical PET film roll as the backing material, coating process than ordinary PET film coating process precision many, the requirement of equipment is also higher. So as to make the optical PET from type membrane price also is higher than the price of ordinary PET from type membrane. Your business partners in the process of purchasing must know your craft process, first order the right products according to the requirements, rather than a quality is best, causing unnecessary waste.

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