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General quality of optical PU protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-19

1. Fogging

2. Glue marks

3. Bubble printing

4. Smoke and dust

5 .Short circuit failure

6. Smudge

7. Crystal point

General quality status of optical PU protective film

Protective film products In addition to differences in product Ru0026D technology, production line equipment, and manufacturing experience, the quality of good and poor quality is also due to the selection of raw materials.

General quality status of optical PU protective film

Currently, there are many PU protective film manufacturers on the market, but there are still very few high-quality products with stable quality. With the continuous development trend of touch screens, the main raw materials of touch screens are also continuously improved and upgraded, so the regulations on auxiliary materials are getting higher and higher.

Today's PU protective film is the application target-TP factory, the most optimistic about the two aspects of PU protective film:

1. The quality is very relatively stable;

2. When encountering product abnormalities, raw material manufacturers who have the ability to deal with difficult problems.

Today, for the overall strength of PU protective film manufacturers, the key product research and development direction of the product is not only the product itself, but also based on the development trend of the touch screen, the continuous innovation of raw materials, and then continuous improvement and independent innovation. It can ensure the long-term stability of product quality.

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