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Heat shrinkable film packaging - small business market PET film

by:SYJ     2020-11-03

shorten film packaging and shorten the film label transfer market, after all, have how old?

at present, the hot shorten the sales revenue of film packaging around $200 million, according to the relevant materials indicate that in the future five years just to use on the packaging bottles of hot shorten membrane sales revenue will grow to $300 million, estimates the entire career at least roughly doubled. Other professional use of heat shorten film packaging, Such as cans, batteries, etc. ) In fact earlier, although the pace of development in this category not so fast, but the annual growth rate reached 30%.

short film packaging and shorten the film label is a fast-growing market, although not as flexible packaging market is endless, but there are also bound to planning. In the direction of the transformation is still improbable. It is not only a science, also is a kind of art, demand must be the trick, and have rich experience. For example, if the thin elastic membrane shortened at 150 degrees, so, how to make the ink on the energetic boring? If down the speed of the printer to ensure that the ink dry, is bound to affect the profit. Learning shorten the common sense of membrane packing, collecting the relevant information is very useful.

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