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Heat shrinkable packaging technology, and a few of the advantages of heat shrinkable machine

by:SYJ     2020-10-31

one, falling capital -- — Heat shorten packaging biggest advantage

pharmaceutical companies: heat shorten the replacement cartons can save nearly $ten million. San-jiu pharmaceutical co. , LTD. , show that due to the external packaging needs medical profession is now relatively is not high, so the company USES heat reduce packaging more is expected after falling into the original decline in total capital of packaging materials. San-jiu pharmaceutical packing speed a total of 6 sets for 10 minutes of PE/hot reduced packaging equipment, the company expects heat reduced packaging equipment speed faster, to reach 50 per minute levels, to get to hasten to produce, progressive power, cutting equipment using the Numbers, falling equipment takes up the workshop area, and then reach the intention of the decline in capital at the end.

beverage company: capital - than a 30% drop in carton packaging Example: according to the Beijing Coca-Cola beverages co. , LTD. , the relevant controller introduces, heat shorten packing machine vision is a kind of very good method, the current foreign already have packed in hot shorten completely replace the carton maybe half tray such examples, but as a result of the current domestic market logistics environment cannot be compared with international mall sophisticated logistics is dealt with, thus, hot shorten the skills in the domestic market to international level there are still some stop, estimates that in the future, 3 ~ 5 years follow packing skills to carry out and hot shorten membrane confined to progress, surely in standard packing, cuff shorten packaging machine can completely replace the cartons may be hot shorten half tray box.

2, progress shelves display function, advance sale

beer company: color film heat shorten packaging promotion commodity level, promote the sale. Shenzhen kingway beer co. , LTD. , as the tip of the beer profession produce production company, its box commodities mostly choose the hot shorten the packaging method. The use of reason mainly has two points: 1. Make packaging method diversification, helpful to the sales; 2. Heat shorten the packaging is not the same as the appropriate standard of flexibility, especially small commodity cluster standard packing. Small standard cluster beer packing has very good flexibility, and easier to carry, so is the love of consumers. Along with the market for small standard cluster beer packaging need to add, shorten bottle packaging machine will have larger development space.

chemical company: the best selected cluster packaging. Example: zhuhai outside the flowers of Japanese cosmetics co. , LTD of material department manager zhou said: 'hot shorten capital advantage is no more! From cosmetic companies in choosing the right packaging method for precise phase commodity market positioning and sales estimates, senior commodities may choose carton packaging, but some cheap goods is not necessary to choose the carton packaging! '

after the beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, beer and so on several big career nearly 20 well-known company, after the query we found that the thermal shorten packaging skills are must be one of the biggest reason mainly is: can decrease capital, can promote the sale, you can add shelves display function. This article will from the hot cut machine several big advantage, talk about why each professional selected shorten the machine packaging.

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