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High separation PET sheet in the application of modified atmosphere packaging

by:SYJ     2020-10-18

high barrier PET sheet in the application of modified atmosphere packaging

modified atmosphere packaging domestic and abroad is also called the MAP or CAP said air packaging or replacement gas packaging, plastic packaging. Is to use a gas barrier properties of packaging materials packaging food, according to customer's actual demand to a certain proportion + CO2 + N2, O2, N2 + CO2, O2 + CO2 gas mixture filling into the packaging, to prevent the food in the physical, chemical and biological aspects of lower quality or slowing the rate of decline in the quality, so as to extend the shelf life of food, promoting the value of food.

gas packaging is widely used in meat, poultry, fish and fruit and vegetable fresh food, cooked meat products, bread, cakes and other baked goods packaging. After gas packaging of food, as a result of better keep food original taste, color, shape, and nutrition, and can achieve a long last period, has been recognized by more and more food processing companies and consumers. In Europe and the United States market by packaging food development is very rapid, annual growth rate as high as 25%, the amount of gas packaging products for more than 5 billion boxes. In the development of domestic very rapidly in recent years.

air box of the box body part, the current widely used material such as PP/PE/PET composite membrane and block after vacuum forming. Cut off this kind of composite material performance is good, but due to the composite materials in the middle will be mixed with glue or use such as EVOH, PVDC blocking material, recycling is not environmental protection factor which causes air box, cause serious damage to the environment.

in July 2019, sichuan yibin plath packaging materials co. , LTD. , through years of unremitting efforts, through the PET raw materials modification, finally developed the high barrier PET sheet. The material not only has better blocking performance ( Oxygen through quantity: 2. 5±0. 5立方厘米/ m2。 24. 0. 1 mpa water vapor transmittance: 2 ~ 4 g/m2. 24h) And can effective recycling recycling, blocking sheet after crushing and also can be used mixed with normal PET material.

the research and development success of high barrier PET sheet, will bring revolutionary gas packaging development, to meet the high demand for polymer materials environmental protection at home and abroad, also has the following advantages:

a, effectively reduce the use cost of air box. High barrier PET sheet when use need not be with the rest of the film or composite sheet, at the same time can effectively recycling, reducing food enterprise production cost directly.

2, the box body obviously increase transparency. Ordinary composite low transparency, high barrier PET sheet transparency can reach more than 89%. Can also according to customer's special requirements to achieve more than 90% transparency.

three, vacuum forming high efficiency, the finished product molding line is fluent, beautiful. Composite materials in the process of blister, adjacent layers easily layered to reduce variability. Of high barrier PET sheet belongs to single layer material of the blister not stratified, at the same time that a whole box of edge line is obvious, angular type is beautiful beautiful.

at present of high barrier PET sheet manufacturers, dealers have extensive contacts and joint equipment manufacturers of air box, air lifted the lid film manufacturer, make air box complete production chain, for food enterprises to provide complete solutions and related services. Air packaging industry, the change to make high quality food into our life.

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