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Household name plate, remote control panel for frosted PET film

by:SYJ     2020-10-16

our company concentrate on research, produce, sell the frosted PET film has been for the last six years, in the meantime let's put a lot of manpower, the physical resource for goods of high quality output. Now has a good reputation in the domestic market, the current produced by the frosted PET film has infinite near a British brand Autotype. Through the improvement of the original technical success in recent two years quantity output sand surface has 2 h hardness resistance to scratching, sand surface texture has good stereo sense is the high quality of frosted PET film, has been satisfied with the rapid development of domestic electronic use professional with high requirements for PET frosted glass membrane function. Now the new frosted PET film types are: fine grind arenaceous F150 series - F T, F200 - T, F270 - T; V150 - V coarse grinding sand series W, V200 - W, V270 - W。 Looking forward to the new and old customers to come to take samples procurement information, we will sincerely service for you.

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