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How is the rainbow pattern of the protective film produced?

by:SYJ     2021-07-20

'Rainbow pattern protective film phenomenon' is because the protective film substrate has to pass a high temperature under the hardened production process. In the high-temperature production process, the surface molecular structure of the protective film substrate is not Proportionality causes scattering, resulting in the formation of rainbow patterns. The higher the intensity of hardening production processing, the more difficult it is to control the rainbow pattern.

The existence of the rainbow pattern will affect the light transmittance and visual effect, and the high-quality mobile phone protective film is difficult to see the rainbow pattern with the naked eye. The rainbow pattern is actually the product of hardening processing. The higher the strength of the hardening processing, the stronger the rainbow pattern of the mobile phone protective film. Under the precondition of not affecting the visual effect, the effect of maintaining good hardening processing is usually Between 3.5H and 3.8H. If it exceeds this hardness range, either it is a false report or the rainbow pattern is obvious.

The cause of the rainbow pattern is closely related to the PET substrate itself. At this stage, domestic filmmakers are basically produced by multi-layer co-extrusion, and they have at least three layers and thickness. Uneven phenomenon, which is very easy to cause the refraction of light, resulting in striped 'stripe' in color like a rainbow.

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