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How much do you know about PET release film

by:SYJ     2021-07-13

PET release film is also called PET methyl silicone oil film, which is coated with a layer of methyl silicone oil on the surface of the PET plastic film to reduce the adhesion force on the surface of the PET plastic film and achieve the actual release effect. It can be divided into single and double-sided release film and double-sided release film. According to the peel strength, it can be divided into light release film, medium release film and heavy release film. Common thicknesses are: 0.013mm, 0.018mm, 0.025mm, 0.038mm, 0.05mm, 0.075mm,, 0.125mm, 0.188mm.

The manufacturers of PET release film are equipped with large and medium-sized slitting and slicing equipment, and roll and slice according to your specifications and models. PET release film has been widely used in packaging, packaging printing, screen printing inks, pad printing, nameplates, film buttons, flexible routes, insulation products, pcb circuit boards, laser anti-counterfeiting, cater, electronic devices, and rubber seals. , Reflective materials, waterproof coatings, pharmaceutical industry (ointment paper), environmental sanitation paper, plastic industry, die-cutting and punching production and processing industries.

PET release film is generally used to protect viscous raw materials, so it is commonly used in the production and processing of electronic devices, inkjet consumables, reflective materials, tape, self-adhesive waterproof materials, and die-cutting. .

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