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How to choose high-quality matte protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-18

Frosted protective film, in short, the surface is made of rubbed yarn. Many people feel that the touch of the surface of the rubbed yarn must be very uneven. In fact, the frosted film is only higher and the film has a little more friction. . Not all touch screen mobile phone customers like the smooth touch. Most customers choose the matte film because of its 'a little friction' touch. This is another experience in the operation process. It seems that different people have different requirements for the smooth writing of the pen, which is the same reason. For friends who have sweaty hands, the frosting film will greatly reduce the troubles.

According to the following two points to identify: 1. Choose a trustworthy and famous brand; 2. When booking online, you can refer to the protective film's evaluation based on other consumers’ evaluations. quality. If you can see the protective film, you can identify it according to the following three points: 1. Observation: Put the mobile phone protective film under your eyes and watch according to the protective film. When the light transmittance remains above 90%, there is no color pattern. Glossy return is better; 2. Tactile: strong touch is better; 3. Scratch resistant: After the glass film is pasted, scratch it with your nails for a few times, and no scratches are better.

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