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How to choose the material of blister products

by:SYJ     2020-10-31

flocking blister packaging products, the main material is hard plastic film, plastic thin film thickness is commonly 0. 12 - 1. 0 Mm, commonly used film including PVC, APET, PS, PP, etc. , as well as the flocking, gold-plated, anti-static conductive film, and other requirements. According to the blister and the size of the product, to the difficulty of the still should according to the requirements of environmental protection and so on. Choose appropriate thin wall material can control the cost, and thickening material cost will be higher. Depending on the size of the packaged goods, weight and protection performance, etc.

1。 PVC ( PVC blister packaging) Is one of the commonly used material for blister packaging. It has a strong toughness and good plasticity. Under the cold and cold weather will become fragile, main is transparent. Can be personalized Settings color according to different requirements. This material is the most common choice.

2。 Pet ( Poly (ethyl 2 terephthalate) , known as the environmental protection material, with good quality, toughness, high transparency, and shining surface, environmental protection and non-toxic, and many general transparency. But, for hot pressing demand high cycle of the product is difficult, and the price is relatively expensive. This kind of material is usually use demanding high-end products.

3。 PS( Polystyrene) Density is small, the material is light, non-toxic to the environment, plasticity is good, but the poor toughness and not easy to break. Cannot be used as a transparent material. PS membrane is often used as a flocking ground floor, with a variety of colors. It can choose which is more matching the characteristics of the color, is more suitable for high-end product packaging. Therefore, are often used to tap type blister.

4。 页( Polypropylene) , with soft material, good toughness and environmental protection, non-toxic, high temperature resistance and other properties, is often used in packaging, high temperature resistant products but poor plasticity, blister is difficult. , lack of gloss surface, milky white, only vaguely transparent, color changes slightly when heating, so it is of high transparent packaging products should not be used for the PP material.

1。 Leave: in the process of forming, as a result of the mould height and Angle, the frame structure, in the one horn of the blister products convex line will light up, seriously affect the appearance. , often regarded as defective products.

2。 Perforation: in the process of bubble forming, due to the thickness of the material out of uneven and temperature control, so there will be a punch. Perforated blister products are generally considered bad products, not the authentic products outside the warehouse.

3。 Scratch: most likely in the blister products surface scratch and scratch. In production process and packing process, if not handled properly, can cause surface damage of the blister products, leaving traces, becoming severely malnourished.

4。 Deformation: blister products deformation is the main reason of the temperature control, foaming materials, and the phenomenon such as impurities, this will lead to blister deformation, insufficient suction and cannot meet the requirements of vacuum forming, so that the blister products deformation. Packaged goods can't into and become defective products.

5。 The water ripple, mainly appear in the process of plate production. Water ripples on the surface of the PVC sheet is the most common, usually can accept. Large corrugated discards the high requirements of packaging and become the bad product, therefore can only be improved by plate manufacturers.

6。 Bubble: usually in the material production process, the air will penetrate into plastic, causing bubble phenomenon. In this case, too much bubble will affect the appearance, so will be defective.

7。 Crystallization point: in blister production process, due to the impurity in the raw material and air unwittingly entered into a piece of dirt and other material from the material production, the production of sheet produces flaws and become.

8。 Color: the color difference usually occurs in the ingredients sheet manufacturers, and different batches of sheet may have different background color difference, but it won't produce very big effect, and the packing of the monomer not prominent, so this kind of phenomenon focus on communication with plate manufacturers.

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