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How to improve the transparency of transparent pet protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-16

The use of transparent PET silicone protective film is very common, and the transparent PET protective film is the most popular one among the protective films. The transparent PET protective film is not easy to cause other colors to the product, but the quality of the transparent PET protective film is related to its transparency.

The Pet protective film manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction on how to improve the transparency of the transparent protective film:

1. Add an appropriate amount of anti-fogging agent on the protective film.

2. In the manufacturing process, if the product is processed by injection molding, the refrigeration of the processed product will not reach the expected actual effect, and the transparency of the product will be more Low, but still has a higher degree of crystallinity. In the whole process of re-product processing and manufacturing, products manufactured according to casting will have excellent cooling effects and good transparency, but the crystallinity is relatively low.

3. Add a nucleating agent to the particles that can be used to produce the product.

4. Cool with water.

5. Add epoxy resin with good transparency to the PET protective film.

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