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How to paste LCD screen protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-20

At present, many people have to put a film on their newly bought computers or mobile phones for effective protection of LCD screens, which can effectively increase its useful life. However, many people don’t know much about the work of filming. If they don’t understand it well, it is easier to cause the protective film to be untidy, or there are dust bubbles and other things inside, which will affect the aesthetics of the film. . Therefore, there are still certain methods in the process of attaching a protective film to the computer LCD screen. The method of attaching a protective film to the LCD screen is introduced below.

1. Put the three-layer protective film on the LCD screen first, and specify the direction of the post.

2. Use the inner fiber cloth to try to remove fingerprints, dust, oil stains and dirt on the LCD screen.

3. Pinch the step1 to remove the sticker, and uncover 1/3 of the protective mold marked with step1.

4. Point the exposed intermediate film toward the display screen, and pay attention to aligning the edges, and gently paste it on the display screen

5. Pinch the step1 to move the sticker , And gradually peel off the entire protective film marked step1, and align all the exposed intermediate films on the display screen.

6. Use a flat scraper to remove the bubbles.

7. After pasting, completely remove the protective film marked with step2 on the top surface.

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