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In the domestic plastic products market situation, the weak competition 'cost'

by:SYJ     2020-10-22

in another development, food manufacturing industry profits more than 180 billion yuan, accounting for 16% of the total amount of light industry profits. Liquor-making industry profits increased than last year, more than 100 billion yuan, accounting for the industry's profit total 8. 9%.

light industry in our country main business income accounted for 21% of the total national industry, industrial added value growth of 6. 0 6%, higher than the national industry. 5%. It can be seen that light is affected by economic growth at home and abroad is less than the other industry, reflects the strong competitiveness. China light industry federation vice-chairman shi-cheng wang said.

export aspect, the report data show that in 2015, light industrial products export accounts for the total exports, 26. 3%, the highest in the industry of the national economy.

what technology trends are changing plastic technology?

many technical trend determines the development of plastic industry, one of the most important technology trends are as follows:

1, lightweight, made of plastic and composite lightweight components and material savings products welcomed the rise in demand, among them, the plastic parts used in automobile and aircraft to reduce the impact on the environment.

2, resource efficiency: in many countries, the sustainable development of society is driving the development of circular economy, demands for plastics processors when designing products to consider the circular economy.

3, increased manufacturing: increase material manufacturing ( 3 d printing) In many fields as the supplement of the traditional plastic processing technology in the prototype manufacturing, mass production, spare parts supply, even a small batch manufacturing, flexible manufacturing is able to increase material production.

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