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In the process of production of plastic different profile, how to guarantee the quality of material and process?

by:SYJ     2020-10-17

plastic material with its excellent heat insulation performance is listed as one of the focus on the development of building materials in China. In the process of production of plastic different profile, attention to the problem of what is needed to guarantee the quality of material and process. Let's understand plastic material additives have?

a: plastic material additives impact modifier

in the production of plastic material such as without impact modifier, plastic material is very brittle hard, a little, easy to broken. Commonly used in the production of plastic material impact resistant agent modification agent is mainly composed of the following three categories: chlorinated polyethylene, poly (acrylate, vinyl - Vinyl acetate copolymer.

plastic material additives. 2: thermal stabilizer

plastic different profile is heat-sensitive plastic, so in the production and processing of plastic special-shaped material, heat stabilizer is indispensable. The metal salt can absorb heat stabilizer of PVC decomposition of HCL, so can delay the decomposition rate of the plastic and to extend the time of decomposition, plastic material in the production of the most commonly used for composite lead salt, the thermal stability of high efficiency, low prices.

plastic material additives three: lubricant

lubricant between the main effect is to reduce polymer and processing equipment and polymer molecular friction between internal, prevent the resin degradation caused by friction heat is too large, to improve the efficiency of heat stabilizer.

plastic material additives four: processing aid

processing AIDS mainly in order to improve the plastic molding processing performance and development of additives to improve sex. Plastic mechanical processing temperature and decomposition temperature close to, liquidity is poor, easy to stick on the device coking, therefore in plastic material production need to add a certain amount of processing AIDS to overcome the defects of plastic material itself.

plastic material additives 5: light stabilizer

by shielding and absorbing uv light stabilizer, quenching excitation energy capture free radicals, such as polymer light oxidative degradation reaction, thus giving products good light stability effect, extend the service life of them.

plastic material additives 6: filling agent

filler is a kind of different composition and structure and plastic solid additives, also known as filler. To improve the plastic certain physical and mechanical properties and reduce the cost of plastic has obvious effect and economic value. Plastic material production are formulated filling agent, can reduce plastic material size before and after the heating rate, impact strength, rigidity increases, but also reduces the production cost.

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