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Internal performance of pet sheet

by:SYJ     2020-10-18

PET sheet at the time of forming the processing temperature oxidation, able to make it melt viscosity drops rapidly, and can produce discoloration, generally there will be streaks. So in the processing and manipulation process or when select material should be detailed. Modification of PET sheet style is adding antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbent or carbon black can forward the ageing resistance function.

PET sheet of molecules negotiations popular polymer polyethylene completely similar, but serious price of the PE sheet is reflected in its density and molecular weight, the mechanical function of scouring resistance to blow, bending stress and fracture strength, flexural strength, torsional rigidity.

in terms of medical applications, PET may not be the most ideal material, including medical instruments. But in terms of medical device packaging, and this is one of the most perfect plastic. 塑料技术有限公司 President Scott Steele in the recently held 'the society of plastics engineers medical plastic micro technology exchange meeting, Societyof塑料工程师医疗塑料MiniTec) So said.

he said: 'the PET has many excellent characteristics, such as the definition and high intensity, in addition, the PET is easy to be processed. '

Steele said, hospital and pharmaceutical industry has established the good recovery system, made of PET packaging is easy to be recycled, back into the market of the material is also very clean, level is very high.

'through good recovery of medical device packaging, we need to get anything,' he said, 'to promote the recycling factors include the consistency of the raw material supply and demand and commodity markets. '

these factors exist in medical device packaging market, in the absence of any regulatory issues, PET is a long history of existence. Although this kind of material has been widely applied in various fields, and easy to recycle, but its recovery is still only about 30%, and aluminum in contrast, the recovery rate of 60%.

Steele said, maintain the market value is the key to make it as simple as possible. In the healthcare industry, whether disposable packaging or packaging, can be repeatedly used shall be to PET as raw material, but also more than just that's all.

'if you want to use PET for packaging materials in the medical equipment, I strongly recommend that you keep the purity of PET as much as possible. Because it can make the PET recycling degree amplifier, 'Steele said. ' the PET and PVC blending is a very bad combination, if its are mixed together, will degrade the performance of the two materials are. They can be separated, this is a good news. But if we don't mix, recycling when there is no need for separation, it will be better. '

a PET can be made into high value products, so the PET market is far better than PS and PVC market.

he pointed out that, in addition to the traditional PET market, bio-based PET market has been on the rise, bio-based PET can also be used for packaging, Coca-Cola bottle 'plant' will confirm this.

'has the unique properties of PET materials are constantly emerging,' Steele said. 'if you do not use them, maybe can start thinking about. '

medical packaging material recycling process is simple, this is the industry provides an important opportunity, make PET ideal material.

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