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Introduce you to what is PET patch

by:SYJ     2020-10-29

PET patch is a kind of excluding other add fertilizer materials, it is also a biodegradable environmental protection packaging materials. With high quality recycling, good ductility, etc. Characteristics. The following content, we will through its characteristics, product size and USES three aspects in detail for you PET patch.

product features

product easy processing, high transparency, there is no water lines, product performance is stable.

product size

1, thickness: 0. 15mm- 2. 5 mm

2, most big wide: 1280 mm

product use

PET patch is mainly used for blister, folding boxes, printing, Windows, panels, advertising material, is widely used in food packaging, toys, gift packaging, hardware tools packaging, advertising, printing and packaging, electronic product packaging, clothing template, tags, etc.

by the three direction of introduction, believe everybody to PET patch this product should have a clearer understanding. If you have other questions, welcome to consult us.

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