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Introduction of PET film

by:SYJ     2020-10-17
Polyester film two-way stretch polyester film ( BOPET) Is the most widely used. 吗? 吗? is a kind of inductive effect of package film. Its bright degree, excellent gloss, excellent air-tightness and sweet, moisture resistance, moisture permeability, low temperature decrease of tenderness. PET film roll of good mechanical function, patience is the best of all thermoplastics, tensile strength and impact strength of the film is much higher than normal; Proper good, safe, suitable for printing, paper bags, and other secondary processing. also has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and excellent chemical resistance and oil resistance. But its not alkali resistance, simple and static electricity, does not have the proper anti-static, so should be paid attention to when packaging powder materials. 吗? 吗? ( 1) Pets will you be increasing the high gloss film is generally polyester film excellent physical and mechanical function, and has excellent optical function, such as outstanding bright degree, low degree of fog, high gloss. First used in high-grade vacuum aluminum plating products, aluminum plating film after the mirror, have excellent packaging decoration effect; It also can be used in laser anti-counterfeit film, and so on high brightness BOPET film market large capacity, high additional value, economic benefits are clear. ( 2) Pet crane filmTransfer handling membrane is also called heat transport membrane, the membrane has high tensile strength, excellent thermal stability, low shorten, outstanding appearance lubrication flat, belt, can repeat use. It first for the carrier of vacuum aluminum plating, after the PET film plating aluminum vacuum aluminum plating machine, glue and paper composite, so PET film stripping, aluminum transported to plate appearance after adhesive molecular layer, constitute the so-called aluminized paper. Production process of aluminium coated paperboard is: mold pet - basement membrane layer> Color - Aluminized coating, coating rubber and handling onto the paper. Is a kind of vacuum aluminum plating paper and metallic luster paper, is a kind of high-grade years to launch a new packaging material. The colour and lustre is light, intense sense of metal, aluminum plating paper print quality beautiful decorous, alternative to print large stamping area, goods beautification has played an important role, in the icing on the cake. Due to its use of vacuum aluminum plating solution in paper appearance only cover a layer of 0. 25 um ~ 0. 3 um and closed light aluminum thin layer, it is just one over five hundred of the aluminum foil, aluminum foil layer device so that it is both beautiful and noble metallic simple sense, biodegradable, retrievable using characteristics, environment maintenance is a kind of green packaging material. Jiangsu Ed through the formulation and adjustment of technical, in 5 years of successful development and mass market, has received the outstanding economic benefits. ( 3) Pet reflex filmPET reflective membrane have lubrication film has excellent optical function, appearance, bright and clean, excellent thermal stability and shortening rate is small, light aging function. Reflective materials used for traffic facilities have directional reflective film and flat type reflective film lens type two kinds, they are made of aluminium coated reflective layer of PET film, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive after several glass beads of refractive index of 1. 9 adhesion in pet aluminum plating film, and then spray a layer of protective layer butyral appearance. Pet reflective film used in demand of reflective symbol, reflective traffic symbols, reflective, reflective isolation belt, reflective car plate) Symbol, reflective uniforms, industrial safety, etc. ( 4) Chemical coating appearance properties of PET film in order to progress, in order to progress printing adaptability and binding of vacuum aluminum plating layer, general selection of membrane surface tension of corona treatment way to progress. Corona method, however, some questions such as timeliness, especially in the environment of high temperature, high humidity, film tension is simple decay after corona treatment. Chemical coating method there is no such doubt, however, get handle printing and aluminium. Jiangsu zhong da developed pet chemical coating series products: such as water-soluble polymer coating on the surface tension of the can progress of acrylic ester emulsion paint; Apply, can progress printing adaptability ( Can use water-soluble ink) ; Using water-based polyurethane coating, can enhance the adhesion strength of aluminized layer and PET film, and can increase the aluminized layer thickness. In addition, you can through the anti-static coating method, high separation membrane, etc. ( 5) Antistatic pet will international has now entered the information age today, filled with all kinds of frequency and wavelength of the electromagnetic wave the whole earth space, the sensitivity of the electromagnetic wave will not hinder the electronic components, circuit boards, communications equipment will be different degree of trouble, cause data distortion, communication way. In electromagnetic induction and conflicts and electrostatic sensitive components, instrumentation, chemical products, etc. , due to the packaging film electrostatic accumulation of high voltage discharge, the result will be devastating, so the development of antistatic pet packaging film is also very important. Anti-static film features after add some antistatic agent in PET film roll, film appearance form a thin layer of conductive layer, form a successive phase, improve the appearance of electrical conductivity, in the charge of leaked to hurry up. The general requirements of appearance of antistatic film 109 ~ 11 ohm resistance or less. ( 6) PET heat sealing membraneOrdinary PET to crystalline polymer, after stretching orientation, PET film will be a greater degree of crystallization, such as heat sealing, shortening deformation occurs, so generally PET film roll without heat sealing function. when used as a commodity packaging, to dispose of doubt, generally with heat seal stretch polyester film and polyethylene film or composite method, and then the CPP film must extent, constraints on applying stretch polyester film.
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