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Introduction to the advantages of silicone protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-20

Technology of the silicone protective film: high-precision extrusion coating, high cleanliness, no white spots, white fog, sand holes, no wire drawing, no scars, etc., the silicone protective film has low adhesion and high Adsorption, fast automatic bubble discharge, high temperature resistance, strong chemical solvent, easy to cut and punch, or no glue residue.

Feature introduction:

1. Anti-moisture

Especially in the humid environment, it has excellent adaptability.

2. Anti-slip

The surface of the release film is anti-slip, which can make the processed goods very easy to package and apply.

3. Ultra-clean materials

are coated and produced in a dust-free workshop, and dried in a class 10,000 clean room operation room.

4. Various viscosities and thicknesses

There are many types of thicknesses and viscosities to meet the different needs of customers.

5. Multi-color

There are transparent, blue, green and other colors to choose from.

Scope of application:

Electronic screen surface, glass screen surface, computer keyboard protection, surface protection with low electrostatic requirements. The surface protection and anti-vibration protection of liquid crystal display screens and liquid crystal display screens shall be suitable for the surface protection of electronic display screens, instrument surfaces, automobile instruments, and shells. , Air-conditioning surfaces and various household appliances, over-tight metal plates, optical sheets, optical resin plates, etc.

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