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Label printing and offset printing technology

by:SYJ     2020-11-04

the current domestic label printing enterprises are offset printing technology, especially some of label printing quality requirement is high, each enterprise also tend to use offset printing technology. As is now a lot of wine, fruit wine labels are produced using offset printing way, with some beautiful pictures, printing enterprise also tend to use offset printing production. — PET from type membrane

at present, the application on the label printing offset printing equipment, in order to adapt to the label material especially PET polyester film label printing requirements, generally used for UV curing technology; At the same time, the original also is reformed, the printing unit into a batch to paper, label printing to meet the demand of the step length.

offset printing technology in the vigorous development of the Chinese label printing industry, also provides a new thought of development for the people. Previously, China's printing industry has been the old way of going abroad and what what we imitate others. Label offset printing way, is the Chinese label printing for a new road, is a kind of innovation. In the future, we hope that this kind of innovation more and more, only by constantly innovation, China's printing industry to usher in the development of the real spring. — Transparent PET

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