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LCD screen protective film market

by:SYJ     2021-07-17

The LCD screen has developed rapidly in recent years. With the continuous Ru0026D and development of the plastic industry, the material used for LCD protective film has also undergone several changes, and its material has continued to improve. Let’s take a look at the LCD screen protective film. What kind of protective film has been used.

1. PP protective film, chemically named polypropylene, which is the material used in ordinary plastic bags. The protective film of this material has no adsorption capacity and must be adsorbed by glue.

2. PVC protective film: PVC material is divided into early PVC material and late PVC material. The early screen sticker material was made of PVC, which was very soft and easy to paste, but the disadvantage was that the material itself was very thick, the light transmittance was very poor, and there might even be magnification, which made the phone screen distorted. The late PVC protective film has improved a lot, but some properties are the same as the previous ones. The screen sticker itself does not have the anti-scratch function, so once the screen sticker is damaged, the display effect of the mobile phone screen will be greatly reduced.

3, pet protective film. The protective film made of PET is characterized by electrostatic adsorption, good light transmission, and will not leave any residual glue after being torn off. Therefore, the market share of pet protective film is also very large.

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