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Low-cost PET blister sheet products production

by:SYJ     2020-10-31

fall in the premise of guarantee the quality of rubber products products capital is never forget each rubber products manufacturer, but in practice operations, sometimes rubber capital fell, quality anymore; Quality came up the cost of capital, the degree is very difficult to grasp. So how do rubber products produce talents 'quality' and 'price' balance? How to produce low capital rubber products?

1, the use of renewable resources ( Reclaimed rubber + renewable rubber powder)

reclaimed rubber and reclaimed rubber powder are waste rubber products processing of rubber materials, product prices low, good function, can replace a variety of collagen production of rubber products significantly lower material capital. Reclaimed rubber products common in latex reclaimed rubber can replace natural rubber produced all kinds of high elastic rubber, tire reclaimed rubber can be mixed with the of all kinds of natural rubber products, general rubber products, butyl reclaimed rubber instead of butyl rubber produce high air tightness, damping rubber rubber products, alternative nitrile nitrile reclaimed rubber collagen produced oil resistant rubber, epdm reclaimed rubber substitute DPEM produces all kinds of outdoor rubber products, seal products and so on. Reclaimed rubber cost many less than all kinds of collagen, latex reclaimed rubber, for example, the high quality of hy is natural rubber latex reclaimed rubber price half or even less, can replace natural rubber significant decline in capital. For some low grade rubber products and even can be completely using reclaimed rubber, capital is lower.

renewable rubber powder is mainly scrap tire rubber powder, epdm rubber powder and nitrile rubber powder, tire rubber powder of low prices, in the fruit of the rubber products can not only exists in the form of packing, can also appears in the character of rubber materials, such as tire rubber powder to produce rubber brick, road use rubber powder modified asphalt, etc. , the same can drop ZSJ rubber products produced capital, is the low capital rubber products from another way.

2, filled with cheap

a large part of the low capital rubber products require large volume, completely using rubber production capital is too high, you can choose many filled with low price, such as calcium carbonate, clay red mud, quartz powder, talcum powder, oil shale ash, etc. , increase the volume of rubber products, decline in rubber products production. But as a result of cheap filler and the compatibility of rubber is not very good, to cause a decline in rubber products function, and the surface modification treatment, with appropriate rubber oil operation, improve the tear strength of rubber, stretch stress and wear-resisting function such as the target.

using reclaimed rubber and reclaimed rubber powder capital can drop rubber products, can also be environmental pollution to the environment of waste rubber products, is currently the main approach to produce low capital rubber products, reclaimed rubber can be used alone, also can with collagen and, on the premise of guarantee the quality of rubber products can significantly lower the material capital.

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