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Main characteristics of PVC

by:SYJ     2020-10-18

1。 Amorphous material, little hygroscopicity, liquidity is poor, in order to improve the liquidity, prevent bubbles and appropriate drying in advance.

2。 Easy to decompose, especially at high temperature in contact with the steel, copper is easier to break down, Decomposition temperature of 200 degrees) 。 Molding temperature range is small, must be strictly controlled temperature for the material.

3。 Use of screw injection machine and direct the nozzle, the aperture should be larger, in case of blind Angle hysteresis material.

4。 Mould gating system should be thick, the appropriate gate section is large, the mould should be cooling, mould temperature 30 - 60 degrees, the material temperature is 160 - 190.


PVC thermal stability and light fastness was poor. At 140 ℃ starts to break down the hydrochloric acid as plasticizer content of adverse reactions. In addition, the pigment's influence on PVC, whether in the paint and other components of PVC and PVC products react and pigment resistance transference in itself, and heat resistance. So in terms of PVC coloring, and considering the characteristics of the resin and related additives used, combined with the characteristics of pigment. The following questions should be paid attention in selecting coloring. Stability of

colorants of certain ingredients may prompt the degradation of resin. Such as iron and zinc ion is PVC resin degradation reaction catalyst. Therefore, the use of iron oxide ( Red, yellow, brown and black) Paint or zinc oxide, zinc sulfide and lithopone kind of white pigment can reduce the heat stability of PVC resin. Some stains may occur and the degradation products of PVC resin. As a group of green pigments are acid resistance is poor, so in the process of PVC color processing, will interact with PVC decomposition of hydrogen chloride and lose its color.


migration occurs only in plasticized PVC products, and is in the use of dye or organic pigments. Is part of the so-called migration is in the surrounding solvent soluble dyes or organic pigments, through the surface of plasticizer penetrated into PVC products, the dissolved dye ( Yan) Material particles also was taken to the products on the surface, so, lead to bleeding, solvent bleeding after solution or frosting.

another problem is that the 'scale'. Refers to the colorants in the coloring process, because of being shaded intermiscibility poor or not compatible and free from the system, deposited on the surface of the processing equipment ( Such as barrel inner surface of extruder, die hole wall) On.


refers to the pigment resistance ability of various kinds of climate. Including visible and ultraviolet light, moisture, temperature, atmospheric chlorination and products during the use of chemicals. The most important weather resistance, including do not fade, pulverization resistance and physical properties of persistence. While organic pigments due to its different structures have good there. In addition, in white paint formulation, weatherability are influenced by the more serious pigment.

paint fade, dimmed or tonal change, usually caused by the reaction of the pigment gene. These reactive gene, with water in the atmosphere or chemicals - — Acid, alkali. Cadmium yellow, for example, under the action of water and sunlight fade, lithol red has good light resistance, suitable for most indoor application, outdoor use in acid, alkali ingredients when serious fade.

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