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Mobile PET film classification

by:SYJ     2020-10-23

with the widely application of the smart phone, mobile phone film industry has made considerable development, mobile PET film piece of necessity, according to the different needs of everyone, mobile PET film roll now has many kinds, then introduce you to it.

1, high penetration and anti-scrape film: the phone PET sticker to the large extent ensure the surface of the cell phone, prevent cell phone surface is scratched, it can prevent perspiration, fingerprints and dust particles on the surface damage.

2, peep film: now many people are very pay attention to privacy, prevent looking phone PET film reference to the principle of the shutters, protect the privacy of your mobile phone in the mobile phones on both sides of 30 degrees will not be able to see the content.

3, grind arenaceous film: mobile PET films are frosted surface, increase the friction is not easy to lost, some stains on the surface of the sweat and would not remain on the diaphragm, as long as with the hand gently remove.

4, diamond film: the existence of the diamond phone PET film slice is in order to increase the aesthetic feeling of the mobile PET film roll slice, shimmering diamonds shine light on diaphragm, and will not affect the normal use of mobile phones.

5, 3 d film: 3 d mobile PET sticker sheet is another kind of decorative mobile phone film, you can choose a variety of patterns, including animals, love, plants, cartoon characters, and so on.

6, AR the counter-attack light resistance to electromagnetic radiation protective film: AR the counter-attack light resistance to electromagnetic radiation mobile PET film roll using PET material, three layers structure of scratch-resistant resistance to electromagnetic radiation. Protective film can effectively prevent glance, resistance to electromagnetic radiation, effective filtering ultraviolet light. Electrostatic adsorption technology, the high wear resistance, resistance to scratch, durable.

on the market at present the three most common layer mobile PET film, PET material surface strong, wear-resisting anti-fouling, and has the function of electrostatic adsorption labeled automatically exhaust, rival party residue is very friendly. Mobile PET film piece will also have more variety and development in the future, give users a better experience.

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