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Mobile phone explosion-proof film

by:SYJ     2021-07-19

Mobile phone explosion-proof film is a kind of PC plastic printed on the capacitive screen glass, which can reasonably avoid accidental collision on the mobile phone and cause damage to the glass control panel and reduce the potential of the glass control panel Damage, to ensure the safety of customers, but also to maintain the unique gloss, layering and surface strength of reinforced glass.

Excellent cleanliness grade, high transparency, low haze. High temperature resistance, aging resistance and high quality

High temperature resistance film/glass film/PET mobile phone protective film, the surface has undergone hard bottoming, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance. It is made of electronic optical grade transparent pvc film (PET ) After sizing the silicone rubber, it is composed of transparent polyester (PET) release film. It has a high temperature resistance of 200° and an explosion-proof effect.

The actual effect of electron optics with extremely high light transmittance, and no glue marks after removal; no return of light, improving the color of the display.

Main purpose: used to maintain LCD, touch screen, mobile phone, digital camera and PDA display screen, prevent scratches in the application, and maintain the actual effect of the screen

Supplied imported dark blue PET protective film with high permeability, polished yarn, bare diamond, anti-peep, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-fingerprint recognition, mirror glass and other PET protective films

The viscosity is stable, the surface is free of crystal points, residues, Smudge.

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