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Mobile phone protective film is a kind of film used to protect mobile phone screen

by:SYJ     2021-07-18

Mobile phone protective film is a kind of film used to protect the screen of mobile phones. It is very common in life. Mobile phone protective film is also called mobile phone beauty film and mobile phone protective film. The cold film of the screen. Ordinary mobile phone film can protect eyesight, not hurt the eyes, nine layers of protection, effectively block ultraviolet rays, short-wave blue light, soft and dazzling light source stimulation, with AF coating, make the mobile phone film a perfect combination of feel and hardness. What problems will the protective film of the mobile phone cause? The manufacturer of protective film will show you around.

Mobile phone protective film

The most feared of mobile phone die-cutting film is dirty pollution, so some manufacturers produce in dust-free workshops. I am afraid of the problem of expansion and contraction. This is also a headache and there is no better solution. The only solution is to adjust the corresponding mold size. When the die is cut, the extension of the die and the shrinkage of the protective film will increase the size of the die. I'm afraid that the protective film will be blurred when die-cutting, that is, the mobile phone protective film is opaque, fuzzy, unclear, and can only be checked and selected. At present, the mobile phone film die-cutting adopts round roller cutters, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the cost.

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