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Nestle, danone teamed up to develop recycled PET blister

by:SYJ     2020-10-28

PET blister tablets is a kind of important material in plastic industry, are often used as used plastic bottles and bottles. PET sheet itself, stable quality, light weight, good ductility, in a wide range of applications and practice has confirmed the value of PET sheet.

as the environmental protection consciousness is becoming more and more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, for the future development of the society, the importance of the development of recyclable materials are self-evident, global plastic bottle usage up to 480 billion a year. Many companies already in the development of recycled plastic sheet.

in recent years, bottled water giants nestle and danone, alliance to research recycled PET blister, the goal is to study biological plastic bottles can be 100% of the commercial content. Now they have been able to develop content is 60% of the biological plastic bottles, and the market standard is 30%.

renewable recycled PET sheet will be the future development direction of plastic bottles, have a great effect on environmental protection, at the same time also can reduce the cost of beverage container.

in September, PepsiCo also announced to join the alliance, for the development of the alliance and the technology advancement provides powerful help.

in order to environmental protection and saving raw materials, the recycled development is the inevitable direction of the material, we are looking forward to the future can have a green environmental protection of recycled PET blister.

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