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One more layer of protective film, one more layer of protection

by:SYJ     2021-07-17

I firmly believe that many netizens have such a concept, should they put a protective film on the mobile phone display? Here, the pet protective film manufacturer indicates: one more protective film and one more guarantee, it is better not to let your love machine run naked.

With control, some netizens’ feedback indicates that the protective film on the mobile phone is the original thing to protect the mobile phone, to prevent the internal screen of the mobile phone from entering dust, and to avoid the oil stains on the mobile phone screen. The big one has the actual effect of anti-scratch, but there is another problem, the surface layer of the phone has glue marks. Here, the manufacturer of the pet protective film indicated that the pu protective film produced is not prone to this kind of situation. The transmittance of this protective film reaches 88%, self-venting will not bubble, and generally there will be no residual glue. . High-definition and high-transparency, no need to worry about the unclear problem after the mobile phone is put on the protective film. And it is a high indifferent, non-toxic and harmless plastic film suitable for groups.

The pet protective film manufacturer indicated that the pu protective film of pet material has an SGS checklist, customized by a professional team, and after-sales service guarantee. The selection makes you more at ease.

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