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P V C material development history

by:SYJ     2020-10-17

PVC products has experienced its early and high speed development period, from the point of view of time, can be respectively defined as the 80 s - mid - 90 - and 1995-2002 years or so. After 2003, PVC industry has entered a transition period. In the period of the product: is the pursuit of low cost, simplify the doors and Windows profile section, formula of filling calcium carbonate, cause the product performance is very low, a lot of quality problems affect the appearance of the product promotion.

began in 1995, a number of powerful enterprises, began to digesting and absorbing foreign European profile technology essence, developed their own doors and Windows series, become the domestic plastic doors and Windows, window of door of push technology to update and development, also make the whole industry obtained the unprecedented development and growth. From entering the product after the mature period, namely from 2003, many disadvantages it out reaction, high profit margins led to too much investment blindly, make industry comprehensive production capacity of nearly 3 million tons, far higher than the market demand; Many new investors have no from product innovation, technological innovation, but simply imitate, even to cut corners, shoddy, industry competition in the market in a healthy state. Raw material prices rising, intensifying competition for this kind of unhealthy, make part of the business is in trouble, discontinued or BanTingChan state.

the present situation of PVC industry

there are production enterprise in the industry ( Nearly 400) , can yield miscarried ( 2. 8 million tons) , the demand for small ( In 2003 the national profile sales 1. 2 million tons) , capacity can not fully exert the contradiction, the annual output of more than 20000 tons of less than 10 enterprises, product quality is uneven, inferior products still have market, industry of quality and technical standard is too low, is not conducive to technological progress, lead to substitute for aluminum back. High-end market ( 30%) Was dominated by foreign brands, low-standard unprofitable market, competition is intense, the final pattern has not been formed. Distribution from the factory, in 392 profile manufacturer home, south-east, 37%, 12% in shandong, 17% of the central region, the northeast 19%, and 15% in the western region. From the perspective of the division of production capacity of 2. 8 million tons and 2003 national, shandong area by 9%, 1% of the central region, the northeast 32%, 7% in the western region, southeast of 39%.

development prospect of PVC profile

', in the period of China won the rate at which the economy grew by an average of 8% a year, in the tenth five-year plan proposal, made clear that to further strengthen the infrastructure construction and implementation of the strategy of urbanization, has provided a broad space for development of the national building materials industry

the present situation of the PVC pipe industry

as one of the product of the development of science and technology, PVC pipe and manifest in our daily life. In Europe, 1980-1990, a 8% increase in plastic pipe, the annual output of 3. 5 million tons, 2001 and more than 60% of PVC pipe. The plastic pipe production of 1. 6 million tons in 1985, 1999 annual production of about 3. 6 million tons, among them, the PVC pipes (78%). In China, a UPVV flaring tube is in shenyang in 1983, plastics factory, Now the predecessor of shenyang giuly) Born, since then, China has the PVC to, drainage pipe production capacity. The late 90 s was a period of rapid development of China PVC pipe. During some capacity in more than 50000 tons of plant completed and put into operation in succession, more than ten thousand tons of production scale PVC pipe factory amounted to more than 30. The current annual production capacity of 2 million tons of plastic pipes.

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