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PE film to produce useful articles

by:SYJ     2020-11-04

the choice of PE blown film material? 吗? Raw material should be with polyethylene resin particles blown film, lubricant, guarantee the argumentative. 吗? 吗? Resin particles melt index ( MI) Doesn't mean much, melt index ( MI) Is too large, the molten resin viscosity is too small, narrow disposal, disposal of limited conditions are difficult to control, unexpected film-forming resin, it is not easy processed into thin film; In addition, the melt index ( MI) Is too large, the polymer relative molecular weight distribution is too narrow, the strength of the film is poorer. Therefore, we should choose the melt index ( MI) Is a small, relatively broad molecular weight distribution of resin material, so can not only meet the needs of the function of the film, but also guarantee resinThe processing characteristics. Blow molding melt index is generally selected polyethylene film ( MI) In 2 ~ 6 g / 10 minutes bound between polyethylene material. 吗? 吗? Blow molding skill control points? 吗? Blown film process is as follows: roughly? 吗? A material plasticizing extruder hopper feeding blow up, wind cooling to the herringbone clip, traction traction - roll ring Corona treatment - — The film winding? 吗? But it's also worth pointing out is, the function parameters of blown film skills attack a large contact, therefore, in this process, must strengthen the control of the blown film process parameters, the standard process operation, can produce smoothly and achieved

good writing is the performance of the new membrane materials

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