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PE heat shrinkable film application in China

by:SYJ     2020-10-30

heat shorten PE film as a kind of low cost, higher power production excellence, appearance, highly efficient logistics green packaging material in the developed countries of beverage and beer category is widely used. Drinks in China, the use of beer profession also is becoming more and more widely.

the annual heat shorten PE film used in more than 400000 tons, the author has visited Europe's third-biggest PLASTO company shorten the membrane suppliers, its 2003 annual output value is 5. 50000 tons, the print of colorful shorten PE film is 2. 80000 tons, the output value beyond in 2. 70000 tons of unprinted shorten PE film ( Profession commonly known as white film or plain film) 。 The specific form is 2. 80000 tons of printing color film, accounting for 51%; Other: 6100 tons for glass bottle packaging, accounting for 11%; 8600 tons of used for wrapping paper, accounting for 15%; 8600 tons of packaging used for milk, accounting for 15%; 3700 tons of used in brick and tile building materials such as packaging, accounting for 6%.

since domestic beer profession to stop using strapping beer, shorten PE film packaging appears in the position in the market of low cost, using quantity increased year by year; Then followed the Coca-Cola promotion shorten PE film instead of carton packaging in China, and from a professional widen to drink beer. With the terminal market competition increasingly intense, shorten PE film packaging of the low cost advantage is more and more like produce by the manufacturer. Began to shorten the PE film is based on the situation in transport packaging at the mall, to the need to break after sale terminal piece to sell, but in recent years, with changes in the procurement method, assemble the packaging directly sell trend more and more significant, which requires to shorten the film for printing goods shelves display function, to shorten PE film packaging manufacturers supply a promotion value added a wonderful time.

China drinks beer profession shorten PE membrane using quantity from 100000 to 150000 tons, about 50% of the carbonated drinks, 20% of hot canned beverages, 15% of bottled water and 5% ~ 8% of the beer market share. With drinks, beer, professional conduct and shorten the PE film market share of progress, estimates that in 2010 China shorten PE membrane using quantity will surpass 600000 tons, to become the world's largest a PE heat shorten the film market. Print a shorten PE film about quantity in 2000 ~ 2500 tons, only shorten PE film accounted for about 2% of market share, interval of around 50% of the market share in Europe is very long, potential is infinite.

shorten PE film first is to use LDPE melt index is below 1 choose produce blown film technology of the single bubble method, through the formulation, blowing up ratio, die gap and horizontal shortening rate of manipulation of the film cooling. PE reduced primary technical parameters of thin film has reduced rate, physical and mechanical properties, friction coefficient and packing machine. Shortening rate and physical and mechanical properties such as tensile strength and so on a target to the national standard, the friction coefficient of the primary impact of packaged goods stacking stability and applicability is shorten PE film packaging machine is the most important goal, this goal can directly affect the film in the packaging machine use and how, using the power of the target first influenced by film formula, but more subject to depict level of packaging machine.

single bubble method PE blown film mechanism of China's current level has been reached or come near world first-class level, the author using home-made equipment film cold inside the bubble of the three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine produce thickness errors in plus or minus 5%, shorten the rate of errors in the plus or minus 3% transparency shorten PE film, of course about don't need to print the general heat reduce membrane using single-layer PE blown film machine can reach the goods need to completely. From the experience of Europe and China's current shorten membrane produce experience in printing, because the film heat shorten the characteristics and the characteristics of the extension, PE heat cutting film printing needs use satellite flexo printing machine for printing. While China is a shortage of the current satellite flexo machine equipment, this will be restricted to print heat shorten PE film to carry out the primary factor.

as a main ingredient of LDPE, China's current as long as a few manufacturers produce yanshan petrochemical corporation, the vast majority of imports, price is very big. LDPE and in the long run, China needs is growing, but whether China is still the world in 2008 was a new start of polyethylene plant is LLDPE and HDPE plant, none of the LDPE new plant construction, virtually widened the LDPE supply gap, this is the most worrying thing.

in hardware equipment and the current China, market need growing under the premise of PE heat to carry out how to shorten the film will be subject to the supply of LDPE.

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